Attention Campers!  To make sure our camp counselors are all set for their weekly wacky adventures, the Y will need to know by 12:00 PM on Monday each week which days your kiddo will be joining the fun (whether they’re showing up on Monday or not).  Be sure not to miss the deadline, or your child might end up on the waitlist for their desired days.  DAY CAMP HANDBOOK

JUNE AND JULY Swim Lessons registering now:  Mommy and Me (6 mo to 3 yrs), Safety Around Water (3-5 yrs), Swim Basics Level 1-3 (6+), AND Intro to Strokes 4-6 (6+).  To register touch SWIM LESSONS.

Become a LIFEGUARD.  TWO class options for June.  Register online by touching HERE or signup at the Y front desk.

FREE CPR training is offered the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Registering here JUN CPR  or at the Y front desk.  Space is limited.

ON COURSE FOR A CAUSE:  Y GOLF TOURNAMENT.  Four person scramble on Saturday, September 7th.  Touch HERE  for a team registration or hole sponsorship form.

Donate to the Y! Click HERE to donate by PayPal or make your donation at the Y.



Current Cost → Cost After June 1st

Teen (12-17)
Monthly:  N/A
Quarterly:  $45.00 → $50.00
Annual:  $180.00

NEW! Young Adult (18-25)
Monthly:  none → $37.00
Quarterly:  none → $111.00
Annual:  $300

Adult (26-59)
Monthly:  $44.00 → $48.00
Quarterly:  $132.00 → $144.00
Annual:  $528.00

Married Couple
Monthly:  $62.00 → $68.00
Quarterly:  $186.00 → $192.00
Annual:  $744.00

Single Parent
(1 Adult/children 0-18)
Monthly:  $54.00 → $60.00
Quarterly:  $162.00 → $180.00
Annual:  $648.00

Household 1 (Married)
Monthly:  $70.00 → $75.00
Quarterly:  $210.00 → $225.00
Annual:  $840.00

Household 2
(2 Adults/children 0-18)
Monthly:  $90.00 → $95.00
Quarterly:  $270.00 → $285.00
Annual:  $1080.00

Household 3
(3 Adults/children 0-18)
Monthly:  $120.00 → $128.00
Quarterly:  $360.00 → $384.00
Annual:  $1440.00

Household 4
(4 Adults/children 0-18)
Monthly:  $160.00 → $170.00
Quarterly:  $480.00 → $510.00
Annual:  $1920.00

Senior Adult (60+)
Monthly:  $35.00 → $38.00
Quarterly:  $105.00 → $114.00
Annual:  $420.00

Senior Adult Couple
Monthly:  $47.00 → $51.00
Quarterly:  $141.00 → $150.00
Annual:  $564.00

Corporate rates are available.  Contact the Y Membership Director at 580-223-3990 for details

Day Passes are $12.00 per day or $50 for one week.

Scholarships- Available for those that qualify. Please check with the YMCA front desk for more information.

Facility tours are available upon requests. Contact the front desk to schedule a tour today.

All new memberships paid less than annual, require a JOINING FEE of $65.00; except for teen, and corporate memberships handled through your company’s human resource department. Monthly membership payments are made through an automatic bank draft. The first month’s prorated payment and joining fee are paid directly to the YMCA. You must have a canceled check at the time of registration.

Monthly memberships are paid by automatic bank draft. A voided check is required at time of sign up.

Bank draft cancellation request must be signed at least 5 days prior to draft date.

Membership Descriptions - The YMCA is a membership-based facility; therefore, all members must scan their membership cards when entering. As a courtesy, the YMCA staff may check-in a member who has forgotten/misplaced their membership card 3X. After the third manual check-in, a replacement membership card must be purchased. Non-members may purchase a $12.00-day pass to use the facility.

Household 1 - If a couple has two different last names, they will have to verify marital status with a marriage license or a current tax return that shows they filed as a married couple. This type of membership also covers their children from ages 0-18, or up to age 24 if the child can verify ten current college hours.

Household 2, 3 and 4 - Adults and children must live in the same household and must verify residence through a driver’s license, photo ID, or current copy of taxes. Grandchildren, nieces, nephews, foster children, exchange students, etc.: May only be added to membership if legal custody has been verified.

Note- If there are several children on a membership with different last names, they may be asked to verify they are legal residents of the address provided.

Corporate Discounts - Check at the YMCA front desk to see if your company is on the Ardmore Family YMCA Corporate Partnership list. Some corporations sign up through their human resource departments, and others sign up at the Y. If you sign up at the YMCA, you MUST provide a current check stub from your company or your company insurance card (with the company name and your name visible on it). If you do not have proof of employment at the time of sign up you can choose to sign up at the regular rate; then upon receiving proof of employment, you may receive the discount on the next billing cycle. NO REFUNDS will be given when changing to the corporate rate from regular membership price. In-house corporate memberships must be paid by a monthly bank draft. When signing up through a company’s human resource department, payments are made via payroll deductions. In this case, cancellations are also made through HR.


YMCA Check-In

YMCA members and community participants are required to have their membership card when entering the Ardmore Family YMCA. Photos will be taken at the front desk to ensure safety and security for all. Members are required to check-in each visit to verify current membership. Non-members must sign a liability waiver for the Y to keep on file for one year.


These guidelines are in place for the safety and enjoyment of our members and guests.

Use Of Facilitlies by Children

  • Ages 15+ / Members of this age have access to the fitness center, including free weights.

  • Ages 10-14 / Members of this age may come to the Y without parent/ adult supervision. After completion of a teen fitness training class and safety exam, 10– 13-year-olds are permitted to use the cardio/weight equipment with parent supervision. At age 14, and after completing and passing the safety test, a member may use the weight room and cardio equipment on their own. Members 10-14 years of age are permitted to attend exercise classes with adult supervision. Please refer here for pool policies for this age group.

  • Age 9 / Members may use the facility but may not participate in activities in the weight room. Please refer here for pool policies for this age group.

  • Ages 8 and under / Members must be accompanied and supervised by a parent/guardian at all times unless the child is in an organized YMCA program. Children under 10 are not permitted in the weight room at anytime.

  • Please refer to Guest Guidelines regarding our non-member children policy.

Pool Schedule

Current pool schedules and classes are available at the front desk or may also be accessed here:

Pool Closures/Evacuations

Pools may be closed due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather/lightning, emergency cleanings due to contamination, or mechanical failure and will reopen in the shortest timeframe possible. In the event of lightning in the area, the pool will be closed for 30 minutes after the last lightning strike within 10 miles as monitored on the radar by the lifeguard. Lifeguards will notify all swimmers to exit the pool. Swimmers must adhere to lifeguard instructions and evacuate immediately. Any swimmer who does not comply with lifeguard instructions will be dismissed from the pool area.

Personal Hygiene

All swimmers must take a warm water shower before entering the pool. Open wounds are prohibited in the pool area, and bandages are also prohibited.


For the safety of our swimmers and to prevent shallow water blackout, any form of breath-holding practice is not allowed in YMCA pools. Swimmers may utilize correct rotary breathing during their swim activities. Any swimmer who violates this rule will be warned. A second violation will result in dismissal from the pool area.

Family Swim Rules

During the Free/Family Swim times, children under the age of 16 are allowed in the pool, and for their safety, the following rules take effect:

  • Ages 12-16: May be in the pool without parents.

  • Ages 8-11: If a child cannot pass the swim test, the child must be in a life jacket or be within arm’s reach of a guardian 16 years of age or older. There may be no more than 4 children per 1 guardian swimmer. If child passes the swim test appropriately, they are allowed in the designated deep area and parents must be in the facility but are not required to stay on the pool deck.

  • Ages 7 & Under: Must have parent or guardian 16 years of age or older within arm’s reach at all times. There may be no more than 4 children per 1 adult swimmer. If a child passes the swim test, then the parent/guardian may be on the pool deck and not in the water.

Age Guidelines

Swimmers under the age of 16 are allowed in the pool during Free Swim times or during the program in which they are registered. Our Free Swim times are posted on pool schedules. The times when swimmers under the age of 16 are NOT allowed in the pool are times reserved for swim lessons, aqua classes, lap swimming, and other YMCA programs. Children 7 and under must ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult/guardian 16 years or older.

Guest Guidelines

The Ardmore Family YMCA welcomes members and non-members to use our facility. The first visit to our facility is always FREE for adults 18 and older who live in Ardmore or the surrounding areas. Each visit thereafter will require a $12-day pass. Non-member children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult/ guardian unless participating in an organized YMCA program. Supervising adults must also purchase a day pass.

Contact the Ardmore Family YMCA Membership Director at 580-223-3990 x111 for information regarding a possible “out of town visitor pass”. Passes must be issued at least 24 hours prior to the guest visiting the facility. Membership Director is available Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Join The Y

Your membership gives you access to unlimited group exercise classes. The fitness center comes with our state-of-the-art Star Trac Impact Strength equipment, two swimming pools, two courts to play basketball, pickleball, or whatever court game you choose, two racquetball courts, and a spin room with more than 20 quality spin bikes. Joining the Y allows you to participate in our group training classes (weight room, Pilates Reformer and GRIT) or receive one on one training with a certified personal trainer. No matter what you are looking for, we can meet your fitness needs.

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