Atlantic Step-Sports inspired step cardio for maximum benefit.

Body Combat-Cardio workout utilizing a lot of energy.  By using boxing and karate moves you are expending calories as well as building your cardio . (Les Mills Class).

Body Flow-This is a great combination of Yoga, T'ai Chi, and pilates. (Les Mills Class).

Body Pump-strengthening your legs, core and arms by using barbells, leg presses, squats, curls and lifts. This is a great overall workout. (Les Mills Class).

Body Sculpting/Bars/Weights & Balls-Resistance in the form of free wts, body weight, which improves muscles and endurance.  Each exercise targets  a specific muscle group.

Core Piloxing-Pilates inspired class with boxing (no kicking), pilates and core concentration uses 1/2 lb. palm wts. Fat blasting and muscle toning workout guaranteed to whip you into shape.  Blends the power, speed, and agility of boxing with beautiful sculpting. High energy workout.

Crush, Crunch, & Cram-All levels of fitness: Agility, strength training, interval training, balance and flexibility taught by certified personal trainer, Amy. 30 minute class.

CXWORX-30 minute duration.  Core strength training (abs, glutes, back, oblique, and slings.  Increase strength and tones all muscles of the core).

Hard Core Circuit- circuit training with balls, steps, bands, mini trampoline, rope.  A high intensity workout.

Hit/Strength - High intensity interval training with weights and pilates reformer (class in pilates room).

Horizontal Muscle Mixes-Core and more-strength conditioning, mixed with high intensity moves to build stamina, stability and function to your workout. (Dumbells, body bar, hand held weights, kettleweights, and other equipment).

PiYo - Combines yoga poses with pilates mat exercise to build core, strength, enhance agility and balance.

R.I.P. - Core training with body compostion using weights, bars, etc.

SilverSneakers Classic-Designed for the older adult.  Have fun and move to music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength and range of movement and activity for daily living skills (exercises are done in a chair).

SilverSneakers Cardio -Upper body strength exercises alternated with non impact low aerobics.  A chair is offered for support.

Spinning/Cycling-Non impact, easy on the joints, but great on the cardio and core. Cycle both seated and standing (worth the ride).

Step Fit-Mid paced step to dance away the stress and calories (step experience required).

Strength Training-Weights, steps, balls (increase strength and endurance).

Tabata Boot Camp-Spin room 20/10 interval training.

Yoga-Build foundations of yoga to improve your flexibility, strength and balance. Stress reduction.

Zumba-Latin cardio dance, easy to follow steps similar to Samba, Cha Cha and Salsa style. Very motivating music.