Executive Vacancy Announcement

Position: CEO

Address: 920 15th Avenue N.W., Ardmore, Ok.  73401

The Ardmore Family YMCA is an equal opportunity employer

committed to valuing diversity and practicing inclusion.

Position Description and Board Expectations:

The Ardmore Family YMCA Board of Directors is seeking a leader that will advocate the YMCA vision within the community by serving as ambassador for the mission, goals and values of the YMCA.  The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will lead efforts with increasing membership and delivering high quality programs to the community.  This will be accomplished through the development and implementation of an aggressive plan that will capitalize on the opening of a renovated facility  in 2017.  The CEO will be responsible for achieving the key priorities outlined below.

Lead Fundraising Efforts: Establish a plan for attaining the YMCA's annual fund raising goals and take the campaign to new levels of engagement with members, volunteers and donors.  Develop and implement fundraising plans which will establish this Y as a leading charitable organization within the community as well as meet the needs of this association.  Lead and direct multi-million capital campaigns relative to expansion of facilities and programs, as necessary from time to time.  Implement a plan to engage board members to actively participate in fundraising efforts during annual and capital campaign opportunities.

Develop and Implement a Strategic Plan:  Have the ability to work effectively with volunteers, key staff and the YMCA of the USA Resource Director, to create and develop a strategic roadmap that addresses Big Questions (opportunities and challenges) related to the community's support of an enhanced facility and programs, with defined organizational strategies.  Lead staff in the development and implementation of goals through an annual operating plan.  Lead volunteers in creating and aligning committees and their charts of work to support the strategies and goals of the association.  Implement a strategic plan that will capitalize on the opening of a renovated facility.

Improve Operating Performance: Work with the board to develop an annual tactical plan for achieving key YMCA goals and objectives.  Remain fully informed of all operational issues and have the keen ability to quickly address any issues that might arise during renovation transition as well as forecast future needs.

Additional Key Priorities:

Prepare and Manage the Budget: Use a high level of financial analysis to forecast financial trends, growth and stability while consistently leading the organization to balance or surplus operations by growing earned revenue and contributions, and controlling costs.  Empower and guide staff leaders on the successful financial operating of their areas of responsibility.  Anticipate impact on revenue and expenses related to opening.

Maintain a Culture: Continue to strengthen a culture of inclusion, integrity, character and life-long learning within the YMCA organization that reinforces, encourages, and promotes values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring.

Develop and Manage the Staff Team:  Develop and manage a staff team.  Lead by example; remain actively engaged in staff development and performance leading to superior results in programs, member satisfaction and community engagement.  Evaluate current strengths and weaknesses of all key staff and create a plan to integrate members as the YMCA moves towards the opening of a renovated facility.

Continue to Develop and Effective and Diverse Volunteer Board:  Work with the board to establish a "best-practices" process to recruit, train, develop, and renew the volunteers on the board.  Guide the organization to research each key initiative, build agreement, enlist support from each critical constituency and establish a timeline for completing each aspect of the planning process.  Work with the board to establish an ongoing implementation plan for each major strategic initiative and process to monitor results.

Be Visible within the YMCA: Constantly interact with members and volunteers, and be willing to provide assistance in functional areas that require support.

Enhance Programming/Drive Membership: Successfully promote the YMCA's services and activities to the community, enhance and develop new programming, making the YMCA the preferred provider within the community.  Continue to engage and retain current members, and cultivate new members as the YMCA prepares to open a renovated facility in 2017.  Identify and prioritize existing and new programs, offered on-site and off-site, that will maximize capacity and utilization by participants.  Offerings should include traditional as well as national signature programs that demonstrate enhancement and growth.

Diversity and Inclusion: In congruence with the YMCA's mission, the YMCA seeks to foster an environment where diversity is celebrated and where all members, volunteers, and staff can reach their fullest potential.  The new CEO must have the ability to work with people of diverse cultural backgrounds in the YMCA, including members, volunteers, and co-workers.

Salary Range: $65,000 - $80,000 annualized.  Commensurate with experience.

Benefits: Vacation plan, health plan and other benefits per personnel policy.

Minimum Criteria for Candidates:

  1. Accredited 4-year college degree.
  2. Must demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills and personal values consistent with the YMCA mission.
  3. Minimum five years prior experience in a senior management role with a YMCA or related experience at a comparable organization with direct supervision of multiple levels of staff and employees.
  4. Must have the ability to develop and strengthen community relationships.
  5. Have the ability to develop new programs, review and enhance programs being offered or considered, for both economy and the effectiveness in broadening our engagement in the communities in which we serve.
  6. A proven track record of budgetary and fiscal management.

Preferred Criteria for Candidates:

  1. YMCA Organizational Leader Certification.  If the candidate does not possess this, they must obtain it within 3 years from the date of hire.
  2. Fiscally sound business management approach.
  3. Strategic planning and fundraising experience including annual campaigns and the securing of grants.

Resumes accepted through August 30th. 

Please submit resume and cover letter, along with six professional references

Note:  References will be checked prior to interview appointment being made.

Send resumes to:                              Fred Collins, Board President

                                                            Ardmore Family YMCA

                                                            925 W. Broadway

                                                            Ardmore, Ok.     73401



For  Ardmore Family YMCA association facts: email ljelisee@yahoo.com with your request.